One of the more common support questions I see for Visual Form Builder is how the Reply To Name and Email fields work.  This is probably because if you are not familiar with the process of sending an email through a server, it can seem a little obtuse.

When you make an email in a program such as Gmail or Outlook, that program controls the sending details.  It knows your display name (usually your first and last name), your email address, subject line, and all other things that go along with an email.

However, when sending an email without one of these programs we have to tell the server what each of those are.

Email configuration details

As you can see in the image above, all emails have these details in common.  You can email to one or more people, set a subject, plus the name and email of who it’s from.  Let’s go over how to do this in Visual Form Builder.

Go to your form and click on the Form Settings button. Click on Email to reveal the email details settings.

Email details settings screen

So, we can see that the same kinds of details can be customized to control what your email looks like when received in the email client.

  • E-mail Subject = Subject Line (painfully obvious, I know)
  • Your Name or Company = From Name
  • Reply-To E-mail = From E-mail
  • E-mail(s) To = To

That’s great, you say, but what about if you want to have the user’s name and email already set in the email?  This is great for when you want to reply directly to the user via email.  This is where the User’s Name (optional) and User’s E-mail (optional) fields come into play.

  • User’s Name – requires your form to have a Text field and the Required option set to Yes.
  • User’s E-mail – requires your form to have an Email field and the Required option set to Yes.

NOTE: If you have not fulfilled those requirements, the drop downs will not be populated with choices.

In the end, all we’re really doing is sending an email and we have to configure the program (in this case, the server) with all of our email details.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment!