Visual Form Builder Pro 1.5 is now available for download.  This version includes a ton of advanced features, which I will get to shortly, but there’s one very big addition included: the SPAM verification section is now optional.

Disable the SPAM verification by going to the Form Settings

Removing the automatic SPAM verification is perhaps the most asked for feature request I get.  The message was clear.  You wanted this.  And I want Visual Form Builder to be a product that serves your needs.  Your forms will still be protected using the other security measures built into the plugin, but there is always a risk so please keep an eye on how your forms are being used.

Version 1.5 includes more than just being able to turn off the SPAM verification!  I have added a ton of hooks and filters throughout the code to allow for some advanced modifications and controls.  Also, there are new custom capabilities to allow for even more control over who can see what.  I will have more posts talking about the filters in the future, so keep an eye out for those.

Release Notes

  • Add ability to turn off the spam Verification section
  • Add custom capabilities for user roles
  • Add various filters
  • Add nag message if free version of Visual Form Builder is detected and still active
  • Fix bug in Analytics and Email Design where the initial form might not display
  • Fix bug where certain rows in the email would not use the alt row color
  • Fix bug for plain text email formatting
  • Fix bug where notification email would send as HTML even if plain text was selected
  • Update subnav to accommodate new custom capabilities
  • Update list of spam bots
  • Update spam bot check to only execute when form is submitted