VFB Pro 2.4.6 is released

Visual Form Builder Pro has been updated to 2.4.6.  This is mainly a developer’s release with lots of new filters and a couple updated filters.

However, there’s one new feature included that is a long-requested one: Sequential Order Numbers.

A common request from users, sequential order numbers are now an option in the Hidden field dropdown.


You can include multiple order number fields per form and they will maintain their respective sequences.  Each one starts at 1000 and increases by 1 for each submission.  If you want your own numbering and sequencing, check out the vfb_sequential_num_start and vfb_sequential_num_step filters.

Be sure to check the Hooks documentation for all new and updated filters as well as the Release Notes for the full list of changes.

The update is available via automatic update immediately; download emails will be sent out a little later.

Thank You

Hi everyone,

It’s been an incredible year for Visual Form Builder Pro. We launched add-ons this year, an affiliate program was introduced, and VFB Pro was updated over 20 times bringing new functionality and improvements to help you better communicate with your users.

There’s also been a lot of work behind the scenes to make Visual Form Builder Pro easier and more secure to purchase, improved support system, and a beautiful new website design, just to name a few.

This plugin is still something that I work on in my spare time, even though it very well could be a full time job!  I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you fine people keeping it going. For everyone who buys this thing means another day to keep the server running and the updates rolling. Thank you.

Next year, I’d love to focus on providing even better support materials such as more video screencasts or maybe opening up a forum for enthusiastic volunteers to impart their VFB Pro knowledge to other users with questions. If you have video suggestions or thoughts about the forum idea, please let me know!

Again, thanks to everyone for a great year.

Happy Holidays!

Matthew Muro

New Visual Form Builder Pro Add-On: Notifications

Today, I’m happy to announce a brand new add-on for Visual Form Builder Pro: Notifications.

The Notifications add-on allows you to connect your forms to some of your favorite web apps such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Highrise, and FreshBooks.  You can even receive notifications on your mobile device.






Each form can be configured to user as many services you like and certain data will be automatically entered for you on those services.  For example, let’s say you have a form that collects payments.  You can integrate with a CRM (customer relationship management) tool like Highrise to automatically enter that contact into their system.  Or maybe you have an event registration form and want to send out a newsletter to everyone who completed the form.  Hook up your form with MailChimp and the entrants will be added to your mailing list.

These are just some of the things you can do with the new Notifications add-on.

Other third-party services will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

Purchase the Notifications add-on here.

Important Note about Display Entries 1.5.3

I just pushed an update to the Display Entries add-on.  View the release notes here.

This update solves the problem of duplicate field names not displaying correctly.  Because the shortcode requires you to use the full field name, duplicate names caused conflicts.  Version 1.5.3 solves this thankfully!

What this means, however, is that each of you will have to update your Display Entries shortcodes.  Below are the before and after.

Display Entries 1.5.2 or older

[[vfb-display-entries id=1 fields="Entries ID, Date Submitted, IP Address, Subject, Sender Name, Sender Email, Emailed To, Email, Email" page=1]]

Display Entries 1.5.3

[[vfb-display-entries id=1 fields="Entries ID, Date Submitted, IP Address, Subject, Sender Name, Sender Email, Emailed To, Email{{7}}, Email{{53}}" page=1]]

Note the addition of the field IDs in the two Email fields: Email{{7}} and Email{{53}}.  This is only an internal mechanism and will NOT be shown publicly when the table is rendered.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.3.8 – Now With reCAPTCHA

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update with the latest changes in Visual Form Builder Pro, but there’s no better time to let you guys know what’s been going on.  Here’s just a few highlights from the past couple releases.


After much thought (and many user requests), I have decided to add reCAPTCHA to VFB Pro.  While I still maintain that a text captcha is more accessible than an image captcha, I’d rather you be able to use a system you choose instead of being forced into a single system.

reCAPTCHA in Visual Form Builder pro

reCAPTCHA in Visual Form Builder pro

To use this, you will need to do a couple of things:

  1. Go to google.com/recaptcha and create new keys for your site
  2. Go to Visual Form Builder Pro > Settings and enter both Public and Private keys
  3. Go to your form you want reCAPTCHA on and find the Secret field
  4. Check the “Use reCAPTCHA” option
  5. Save the form

Once you do that, your users will be asked to complete the security question.  This will only appear for logged out users.

Settings page

Speaking of that settings page, this is a new one.  This is where you can configure global settings for some common requests that have been set by filters until now.

Here are just a sample of some of the settings you can control:

  • Always load CSS
  • Disable CSS
  • Disable Email
  • Max Upload Size

There are quite a few more, so be sure to check them out.  You can find explanations for every setting under the Help tab.

Email Rules

This was in the last release, but it’s worth mentioning here.  Consider this the conditional logic for emails.  Now you can control who should receive an email based on the user’s response.

Email Rules edit screen

Email Rules edit screen

Add sorting to checkbox/select/radio options

Sortable options

Sortable options

This feature here is from 2.3.5!  Although, it’s a minor one, it fixes an annoyance when working with field options.  Previously, you had to cut and paste text from one option to the other in order to rearrange them.  Not that big a deal when you have only a few, but if you have a ton of options this is most definitely a big deal.

Well, I’ve got you covered.  You can now use a drag-and-drop on the options to sort them. Much better!

So much more

These are literally just a few of the changes that have occurred over the past few versions.  I’d love to talk about more of it, but these are some of my favorites:

  • Updated interface icons (they look great on a Retina display!)
  • Import now displays progress bars
  • Place forms into Draft mode
  • Update Verification fields to allow for conditional logic

As always, check the full Release Notes for a list of all changes.

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.3.4 released

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.3.4 is now out and available for download.

This update is mostly a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs.  However, as always, I have managed to slip in a few additions.

Change Date format from admin

If you are familiar with the date picker used by the Date field, then you will know that customizing it has been a bit of a challenge.  The most common request is how to change the format from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy.

Starting with version 2.3.4, you can now change this with the new Date Format option.  You can insert all kinds of formats.  These are just a few you can try:

You can find the Date Format option by going to edit a Date field.

New filter: vfb_address_labels_placement

This filter was specifically added for those that want more control over the Address field.  The Address field, by default, places the input labels below the inputs since the name of the field is usually placed above all of the others.  However, some wish to reverse this and now you can.

Reference the vfb_address_labels_placement documentation for more information on how to implement this hook.

Entries are now deleted when you delete a form

One change to be aware of in this update is how your data is handled when deleting a form.  Until now, entries were kept, even when you deleted your form.  However, in an effort to prevent phantom entries and database bloat, entries will be deleted along with everything else.

There are quite a few other additions, updates, and bug fixes.  See the full release notes for more information.

  • Add dateFormat option for Date fields
  • Add admin blue styles
  • Add vfb_address_labels_placement filter
  • Add Czech language
  • Add Malaysian Ringgit and Turkish Lira currency to PayPal settings
  • Update form delete process to now delete all collected entries for that form
  • Update CSS with more default styles to override potential theme problems
  • Update form saving to check for max_input_vars and display error message
  • Update saving field name, description, options, and default value to trim whitespace
  • Update Legend output to only display bottom border when text is available
  • Update PayPal assigned prices in admin to escape values properly
  • Fix bug on Delete link for form order view
  • Fix form list bulk delete
  • Fix server side validation for hidden and required conditional fields
  • Fix bug where the Hidden field Post URL was not being properly saved
  • Fix bug where Payments running total box would not appear if hidden by conditional logic
  • Remove old “Display Forms” help image and just use text

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.3.3 released

Visual Form Builder Pro has been updated to 2.3.3.  This release is mostly bug fixes and updates to existing features, but a few new things sneaked in!

The most interesting feature is the ‘Display Entry’ option on the Confirmation section.


If you have the Display Entries add-on installed and active, you will now have the ability to display the user’s submitted data in a nicely formatted table.



There’s also an update to the HTML field.  Instead of the super simple Quicktags implementation, you’ll now get an editor that is more like the WordPress Visual Editor.



These are just a couple of the new features that made it into this release.  There are also a bunch of bug fixes, so be sure to update!

Release Notes

  • Add Print button to Entry Detail view
  • Add Duplicate link to Form List view
  • Add vfb_skip_email email filter which allows email to be skipped
  • Add meta keyword for plugin version number
  • Add Form Designer and Payments add-ons to export/import
  • Add additional language transaltions
  • Add Display Entry option to Confirmation section
  • Update HTML field to use CKEditor instead of Quicktags
  • Update CSS to include :focus styles
  • Update Entry Detail to link File Uploads
  • Update color picker JS to use included file instead of wp-admin version
  • Update vfb_submissions_off_message filter to include entries count and entries allowed
  • Update conditional logic and form output to use simpler IDs
  • Fix bug during Export for duplicate field names
  • Fix bug on Export page where Page to Export option may not appear
  • Fix bug on Export page where Fields were not limited to 1000 in an edge case
  • Fix bug where details would not display when updating Entry
  • Fix bug where delete link did not work in Form List view
  • Fix bug where Instructions data would not appear in email when included in vfb_removed_field_types

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.2.5: now with more languages

Visual Form Builder Pro has just been updated to 2.2.5.  There are several new features, hooks, and bug fixes.  The most notable new feature is the inclusion of over 20 language translation files.  Check out some of the languages included:

  • Deutsch/Deutschland
  • Ελληνικά/Ελλάδα
  • English/United States
  • Español/España
  • Français/Canada
  • Français/France
  • עברית
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Italiano/Italia
  • 日本語
  • Nederlands / Nederland
  • Polski/Polska
  • Português/Brasil
  • Português/Portugal
  • Română/România
  • Русский/Россия
  • Svenska/Sverige
  • Türkçe
  • 中文(中华人民共和国)
  • 中文(台灣)

Building a contact form in your country’s language (or the language of your client) shouldn’t require an extra layer of work.  Including these language packs should alleviate some of that extra, tedious work.

Since these are brand new, please let me know if you experience any bugs!

As for the other features, please check out the release notes:

Release Notes

  • Add over 20 language translations
  • Add customizable Header Text to email design
  • Add ‘Pages to Export’ option when more than 1000 entries detected for a single form
  • Add vfb_redirect_query_args filter to allow custom query arguments to be appended to redirects during Confirmation
  • Add logged on user_id to entries. Default is always 1.
  • Add more private custom validation methods
  • Add vfb_pre_get_entries_formlist filter for Entries months dropdown
  • Update and normalize Entries list queries
  • Update Export when large amount of fields are present
  • Update color pickers in email design to new Iris picker
  • Update admin to require WordPress 3.5
  • Update Entries Display to only print text instead of options when user does not have edit permissions
  • Update email function to wrap lines longer than 70 words to meet email standards
  • Allow Hidden field to use vfb_field_default filter
  • Allow links to be used in Radio and Checkbox options
  • Fix missing akismet and entry_approved during the XML export
  • Fix minor output escaping on Conditional Logic screen
  • Fix bug affecting radio button Allow Other not being sent properly

Visual Form Builder Pro: Akismet support and new Add-Ons

I’m happy to announce that Visual Form Builder Pro now has two new great features: Akismet support and Add-Ons.


Your forms now have the ability to be protected by the awesome power of Akismet. The same technology that protects your blog’s comments can now do the same for your forms. For the best protection, it is recommended that you include the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Textarea

That’s all it takes to have some of the best spam protection around.


Next up is a way to extend the functionality and power of Visual Form Builder Pro. To start with, there are four add-ons you can purchase:

  1. Create Post
  2. Create User
  3. Display Entries
  4. Payments

These add-ons start at just $5. Head on over to the website to learn more.

Why add-ons? This allows Visual Form Builder Pro to stay affordable without introducing more complexity. The plugin can grow as your needs grow.

I will have more information about the add-ons (even some videos!) on the blog, so be sure to look out for those posts. Lastly, check the Release Notes to see what else is new. If you have any questions, let me know.

Visual Form Builder Pro 2.0.1 released

A quick bug fix here for Visual Form Builder Pro.

Version 2.0.1 fixes the bug where notification emails were not being sent.  There is also a fix for Textarea formatting in the HTML email.

One interesting change I’m making in this maintenance update is to the email headers.  Without getting too technical, the email headers are basically saying who this email gets sent to.  As some of you may know, depending on your server setup, receiving the emails may be inconsistent or may not happen at all.  Version 1.9 took aims to correct some of these inconsistencies but it wasn’t the “cleanest” way to go about it.

With 2.0.1, I’m aiming to fix this problem once and for all.  So, be sure to test your forms after updating and let me know if the emails are sent like you expect.

Release Notes

  • Add filter for removing attachments from email
  • Update email headers
  • Fix bug where notification email did not send
  • Fix textarea value formatting in HTML email