Our Company

Who we are

Hi there. My name is Matthew Muro and I'm the developer of VFB Pro. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and work full-time as a web developer at the University of Alabama. I've been building websites since 2005 and working with WordPress since 2007. I have developed several WordPress plugins, but I spend most of my spare time working on VFB Pro, the plugin you see here.

VFB Pro is literally a "mom and pop" operation. My wife, Brianne, helps with pretty much anything that doesn't involve writing code. In 2014, we added Joseph Kibler and Shane Morgan to handle support.

Where it all started

VFB Pro started simply enough as a free plugin in 2011. In 2012, I launched the Pro version and we're still going.

What is our goal

The goal of VFB Pro is to enable users with different skill levels to build clean, professional, fully-functional web forms. The main plugin and all the available add-ons are designed to be used by anyone, regardless of whether you have experience with web design, development, or coding.

Having said that, if you are a web developer, you’ll find plenty of hooks to customize the plugin to suit your needs.

I hope VFB Pro makes your work a little bit easier by making web forms less of a headache to deal with.

Meet our Team

Matthew Muro

Matthew Muro
Owner / Developer

Brianne Muro

Brianne Muro