Affordable Pricing

Buy per site not per year.

1 Site
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Fields
Add-Ons Purchased Separately

one time fee

Developer Bundle
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Fields
All 6 Add-Ons Included

$199 $99
one time fee

Pricing FAQs

Do I have to buy the plugin every year?

Nope! The license is structured on a per site basis.

If you only have one website, you can purchase the plugin one time and it’s yours. You do not have to subscribe each year.

How do I request an invoice?

If you need an invoice for tax or business purposes, please use the contact form and include all pertinent information such as Address, Tax/Vat ID, Phone number, etc.

How do I upgrade to the Developer License or Bundle?

If you've purchased a single site license you can upgrade to the Developer's License or Developer's Bundle for the difference in price of your last purchase.

Let us know what you want to do and we'll get you setup.

What is a "site"?

A site refers to a website created using WordPress that has its own URL and might have its own domain name. If WordPress Multisite is in use, you will have more than one "site" on your network.

How do I receive the plugin?

When you purchase the plugin, the order is then processed and a download email is sent. The download emails are sent to the email that was used at time of purchase.

If you think you have not received the download email, please check your SPAM folder(s). You may also search for your order to see if it is in the system.

What is the difference between the free and Pro versions?

The main difference is the updated interface, the additional form fields, access to Add-Ons, the Conditional Logic, and many more features.