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Quick Tip: Change the size/width of your field with a single setting

Here's another quick tip for you VFB Pro users who are trying to get that perfect layout for your form.

Do you wish your Text or Select field was sized a little differently? By default, it's set to expand to the full width of the container where you embed the form. With a single setting, you can set this field to one of 12 different sizes.

The Layout Columns option is a powerful setting that controls the size of each field and can be utilized to be complex form layouts. However, it also controls how wide the field is going to be. If you set the field to a size of 1, it will be the smallest it can go. A size of 6 is going to be half the size of your form, while a size of 12 is going to be the widest.

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Quick Tip: Arrange Checkbox or Radio options into multiple columns

Here's a Quick Tip for all you VFB Pro users out there who have lots of radio or checkbox options.

VFB Pro has the ability to arrange your checkbox or radio options into various layouts. By default, it displays them in a single column.

If you like, you can use the "Options Columns" setting to change how many options are displayed in a single column. 

Two Columns

Three Columns

This is a great option for radio or checkboxes that have a lot of options. The best part is that there is no special CSS or code you need to write to get your forms looking like that!

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Video Tutorial: General Form Settings


In this video tutorial, we will go over the General Form Settings section, located under the Form Settings tab. The General Form Settings section allows you to change aspects of your form that apply to the display or functionality of the entire form such as the Form Status or the option to Disable Saving Entry to comply with GDPR.

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