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Update: VFB Pro 3.4.3

Today we're launching a bug fix release for VFB Pro that addresses a couple issues.Ā Be sure to keep your copy updated for the latest features and fixes!

  • Fix Heading field to use Layout Column setting
  • Fix Email Rules email input duplication bug
  • Fix curly brace usage in CSRF library due to PHP 7.4 deprecation

Stay safe out there šŸ˜Š

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Update: VFB Pro 3.4.2

Happy Halloween! šŸŽƒ

Here is a spooky šŸ‘» reason to celebrate: a new version of VFB Pro has just been released and it includes some improvements to the email. Sorry, no candy šŸ¬ this time!

  • Update Signature field to again allow Required setting and prevent form submission if set
  • Update Signature field to automatically convert base64 to JPG forĀ improved email rendering andĀ reliability
  • UpdateĀ Australia address field to use City/suburb instead of just City
  • Update email to include Instructions text

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Update VFB Pro 3.4.1 - Google reCAPTCHA v3 (Invisible)

As a developer, it's always exciting when a seemingly minor update brings about major improvements, bug fixes, and new additions/updates to a project. This version of VFB Pro is no exception.

Version 3.4.1 of VFB Pro introduces new integration with Google reCAPTCHA v3 otherwise known as Invisible reCAPTCHA. Several of you have been asking about this since it came out of beta and I'm happy to announce that VFB Pro now includes this option. Those of you who wish to continue using Google reCAPTCHA v2 are free to do so by selecting the version you want to use in the VFB Pro > Settings page.

In addition to the above change, many improvements have been fixed in this version.Ā There's too many to list all of them, so I suggest heading over to the Release Notes and checking them out yourself!

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Update: VFB Pro 3.4

VFB Pro 3.4 has been released and is available now.

This update brings quite a few updates, but one I'm excited to introduce is the new Help page which includes a search field for looking through our Knowledge Base in your WordPress dashboard. We hope this makes it even easier to find answers and tutorials for using VFB Pro.

This update also addresses a few feature requests and some minor bugs. View the Release Notes and be sure to check your WordPress dashboard for the latest update.

Check your WordPress dashboard for the latest updates.

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Quick Tip: Change the size/width of your field with a single setting

Here's another quick tip for you VFB Pro users who are trying to get that perfect layout for your form.

Do you wish your Text or Select field was sized a little differently? By default, it's set to expand to the full width of the container where you embed the form. With a single setting, you can setĀ this field to one of 12 different sizes.

The Layout Columns option is a powerful setting that controls the size of each field and can be utilized to be complex form layouts. However, it also controls how wide the field is going to be. If you set the field to a size of 1, it will be the smallest it can go. A size of 6 is going to be half the size of your form, while a size of 12 is going to be the widest.

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