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Update: VFB Pro 3.3.6 and Payments 2.1.3

Today, VFB Pro and the Payments add-on were updated with new features and bug fixes.

VFB Pro 3.3.6 brings back a popular feature from its past: arrange Radio and Checkbox options in multiple columns. In addition to arranging your options vertically in a single column or inline, you can now break them up into either two or three columns.

VFB Pro also made some i18n (internationalization) improvements for the Address field and how translated validation messages are loaded.

The Payments add-on was also updated with an important bug fix that corrects price formatting for anyone using the Currency field.

Check your WordPress dashboard for the latest updates to these plugins. Email updates will be sent out later today.

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Update: VFB Pro 3.3.5

VFB Pro 3.3.5 has been released and includes new features as well as updates to existing functionality.

The Rules gain a welcome update to check for number comparisons, in addition to the keyword matching already available. Now, you can add conditions to check if a number is equal to, not equal to, greater than, or less than a certain number.

We have also added the ability to append form data to your confirmation URLs when redirecting to another page. This setting will allow developers to use PHP in themes or outside applications to capture or display the data in some way. Happy coding!

Lastly, we’ve added some welcome usability and more spam reduction to tighten up your forms.

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Video Tutorial: General Form Settings


In this video tutorial, we will go over the General Form Settings section, located under the Form Settings tab. The General Form Settings section allows you to change aspects of your form that apply to the display or functionality of the entire form such as the Form Status or the option to Disable Saving Entry to comply with GDPR.

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Update: VFB Pro 3.3.3 - GDPR

VFB Pro 3.3.3 has been released which fixes bugs and adds a new setting for option to disable saving entries according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As of version 3.3.3, VFB Pro includes a new Form Setting that allows EU users (or anyone) to disable saving of entries. Disabling the saving will not affect emails.

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Our Support System

VFB Pro has great news to share! Our support system is getting a much needed overhaul. Both the ticket submission tool and the knowledge base site will be far easier to use than ever before. This means greater efficiency with your support tickets and more knowledge at your disposal.

***Here are some important pieces of information for you to note***

  1. Our new support system can be found by going to If you previously accessed through, please bookmark the new location.
  2. All documentation for VFB Pro and add-ons can be found by clicking on the Knowledge Base link on the Support page or by visiting directly
  3. Submitting a new ticket can be done by clicking on the "Open a Ticket" link on the Support page
  4. Please note that submitting a new ticket requires an account on plus an active support license. For more information on renewing, please see our Knowledge Base article on this subject.
We've been working on transitioning to the new system for a few months now and are excited to make it official. We think this new system will greatly improve customers’ interactions with support and should minimize the inconvenience of any issues you run into while using VFB Pro.

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