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Update: VFB Pro 3.3.3 - GDPR

VFB Pro 3.3.3 has been released which fixes bugs and adds a new setting for option to disable saving entries according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As of version 3.3.3, VFB Pro includes a new Form Setting that allows EU users (or anyone) to disable saving of entries. Disabling the saving will not affect emails.

View VFB Pro Release Notes.

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Our Support System

VFB Pro has great news to share! Our support system is getting a much needed overhaul. Both the ticket submission tool and the knowledge base site will be far easier to use than ever before. This means greater efficiency with your support tickets and more knowledge at your disposal.

***Here are some important pieces of information for you to note***

  1. Our new support system can be found by going to If you previously accessed through, please bookmark the new location.
  2. All documentation for VFB Pro and add-ons can be found by clicking on the Knowledge Base link on the Support page or by visiting directly
  3. Submitting a new ticket can be done by clicking on the "Open a Ticket" link on the Support page
  4. Please note that submitting a new ticket requires an account on plus an active support license. For more information on renewing, please see our Knowledge Base article on this subject.
We've been working on transitioning to the new system for a few months now and are excited to make it official. We think this new system will greatly improve customers’ interactions with support and should minimize the inconvenience of any issues you run into while using VFB Pro.

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Introducing VFB Pro 3.0

Today, it is with great pride that I introduce the next major iteration: VFB Pro 3.0.

VFB Pro 3.0 is a complete overhaul, a ground-up rewrite of the entire codebase that is set to carry the plugin into the future. We believe that VFB Pro is the most user-friendly form building plugin on the market and it’s something we hear from our customers daily. As a small company, we owe much of our success to the loyal customers who have given such beneficial feedback to make improvements possible.

There will be more to share over the next few days and weeks about VFB Pro 3.0, but for now these are some of the exciting new features you can find in the new version:

New and Improved Form Fields

We took a fresh look at every single form field in VFB Pro and decided to make each one much easier to use, customize, and manage. All of the form fields now have their own customizations and validation settings so you can finely tune each field as you see fit. For example, the Date field’s pop-up is fully customizable all from within the admin. No longer do you need to know Javascript or PHP to change a field to suit your needs.

We’ve even introduced new fields such as Range Sliders and Star Ratings.

Fully Customizable HTML Email Template

One of the top requests we received from users was a need to customize the outgoing HTML email. Well, now you can! The Email Design feature has been completely rebuilt to allow full HTML control, all within your WordPress dashboard.

We’ve introduced a brand new templating system so you can easily insert entry data, form data, or email template options.

Redesigned Admin and Front-end Forms

VFB Pro’s admin interface was in much need of a design refresh to be more modern. Not only has the design been updated, but the user experience has been refined as well. In place of clumsy, small, accordions is a new tabbed navigation. This change allows us to give major settings room to breathe, as well as introduce new functionality that wasn’t possible before.

We also took a refreshed approach to the front-end form design. Gone are the gray background colors to be replaced by a more neutral color palette that will better blend in with most theme designs.


It’s fitting that VFB Pro 3.0 should launch on the day of our three year anniversary. When I launched Visual Form Builder Pro 1.0, I was expecting my first child, a girl. This year, my wife and I are looking forward to our second child, another girl. And it just so happens that VFB Pro 3.0 is launching not long before she is expected to be born.

As always, thank you for your business, your support, and your feedback. We look forward to hearing what you think and working with you to develop the product you need.

Matthew Muro

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